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    I cannot post a reply to my threads.

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      I have never had so many problems with a forums before.  I keep getting told my login is not correct when I know it is.  It will not send me a reset email...  Alan here is my reply.  The model is a Magnavox 27MS3404.  Is this something that anyone can do or does it have to be someone from sling?



      Is it possible to have my slingbox solo turn the tv on in General Slingbox SOLO Questions


      slingowner asked1 day ago


      I need to have the television on in order to get a video signal.  This is because the TV that I want to use has Digital Adaptor that only has coax in/out, so I am using the A/V out from the tv to the Sling box.  It works but only when the TV is on.  Is there a way to setup the solo to turn the tv on/off using the included IR blaster?


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      Alan Richey



      Alan Richey (to slingowner) 1 day ago



      Yes.  Just tell me the manufacturer and model number and I can build you a Custom Remote.


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