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    Request: Custom remote file for ADB 2840C

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      I just hooked up a slingbox solo to my digital cable box.  Unfortunately, the cable box remote is not included in the slingbox default library.

      Tried the different custom remote files I can find for the 2840 including VL10_PL,VL11_PL.(VL10_RV doesn't work)

      The unit is delivered by Canal Digital in Sweden for their cable-tv-services.

      The only key that work is power off/on!


      1.   Was there any error message after you typed in the Code and tapped the Test button ?


      No, uploading the PL-file was ok.

      2.   Have you tried both the BIN files ?


      Yes. RV-file does not work.

      3.   If you are using the external IR Blaster have you used a Digital Camera (Mobile Phone) to confirm the IR Blaster is actually firing when you tap the Power button ?  Watch the tip of the IR Blaster through the viewfinder while you tap a button.  You should see a white (not red) flash.  Practice on a real remote so you know what you are looking for. 


      IR seems to firing.  When I tap a button, picture and sound will freeze about a second but nothing happens, except power on/off.


      4.   Have you experimented with the placement of the IR Blaster ?  On some devices this is critical so don't give up too quickly.




      5.   Are you sure the device is working correctly using the real remote ?



      Hope anyone can help me.