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    Cant Access Slingbox Overseas (Verizon Fios) ...any solutions?


      This past weekend Verizon has closed access to foreign ip addresses. No access to emails and such...  for security reasons... its been 3 days now and I also noticed I cant access my slingbox.  They say its a ongoing issue and do not have a date for it t be fixed or if it will get fixed.


      Their (Verizon Fios) tech support says not an issue with Verizon since it is working in the USA...


      How do I access my slingbox if Verizon is only allowing US ip address to gain access. My slingbox is on my verizon service at my house in Florida. Im trying to access it from my hotel in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Any ideas... simple bubba here so please, if you have a solution make the explination easy for a tech novice.