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    Is there someone to call?


      I have spent the last two hours attempting to do what I thought should have taken 10 mintues. I am not passing the video test during set up. I have tried a tablet (android/ Samsung) and now two different PCs (both windows). I have checked and rechecked cables more times than I care to count. I have scoured the site but can't seem to find a support number. Provider is Cincinnati Bell Fioptics. HELP!!!

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          Googled customer service and got a number to call. The rep was outstanding! Issue solved. In case anyone else has a similar situation, here is what was figured out. My tv was not using the green, blue, red for video.. it was using yellow. Things didn't work b/c of this. The rep worked around my limited cables and my inability to move the giant tv to investigate whether green, blue, red would work for TV. It is not high def. Configuration changed. Problem solved. I have to say, I tend to be a bit cynical of help desks but this time is was definitely help. Problem solved. THANKS.

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            With the M1, you have one year of free support - 877-467-5464.

            Once I talked to a tech, and they were not well informed by Sling,

            I found what I needed to move it from ethernet cable to WIFI.

            Your "Manager" has to be wireless, on the same network. You cannot

            have a PC on ethernet and find the wireless connection for the M1.

            Since my iMac is wireless, I downloaded the desktop software for iMac,

            and it found it right away.

            The tech had been advised that all this information was in the box!!!