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    Slingbox M1 Freezes then drops every 8 Minutes


      Hello, I have been told i have a unique problem. My slingbox m1 will freeze every 8 minutes then on the screen it will say check your internet settings. The slingbox location has century link ISP (at my Box location) and when i am at my parents that have Century link ISP everything works fine. When i go home I have a Cox ISP. The fee will freeze every 8 minutes and say check internet settings. The same laptop and cell phone that worked at the Century link locations. My phone will also stream fine using 4g network. but at home (cox isp) over wifi. it freezes evry 8 minutes. I have got a new modem and a new router and no change. I used ethernet cord to laptop from modem to eliminate a router issue and called cox and they said all is fine to the modem, I have noticed at my house (cox isp) the bandwidth will go down to 238 kbps at the 8 minute mark then slingbox drops. i hit reconnect and it loads up and is at 800 kbps and up then at 8 minutes it does it again.    Any help would be great. I want to take sling box to a cox isp house and see if it works. i feel since it streams from century link to century link, but stops every 8 minutes when from century link to cox, that one of the ISP's is lowering the bandwidth so it does this