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    Help me in Japan.  Slingbox 500 Setup Issues


      Iam in Japan currently and here is the setup and issue


      Television - NO HDMI - Component (Red White Yellow ONLY as well as COAX)

      VCR - COAX in and COAX out as well as Component (Red White Yellow) out

      Wifi - Yes

      LAN - Yes


      Current Setup


      COAX --> INTO VCR COAX in. 

      VCR Component OUT --> INTO TV Component in


      If I press the little arrow button on the remote of the slingbox I can get TV to display however anything displays a black screen.  I never once see the slingbox logo nor setup.  Basically I cannot complete the slingbox setup process because I cannot see it.  I cannot add the slingbox to my account online because I cannot complete the setup process because I dont have HDMI or something?


      Basically I need insight into how I can complete the setup process.  Tech here is old and they do not have digital cable.  COAX only.  No digital box, no HDMI connections anywhere etc.


      Lights on the front of the Slingbox are Solid Power, No light for network, Slingbox logo pulses


      Upon fresh boot all lights turn on so I know that the lights work at least.



      Please help.  I have one more day here to figure all this out or the Slingbox 500 gets returned to Canada.