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    Please add: "Motorola, RG1-A" Remote



      The new remote Comcast now uses for their newer X1 platform is not currently supported by SlingBox. As this has now been out for over a year, I would like to kindly ask that you add/ update/ or configure the "RG1-A" (Motorola) remote into your available remote library AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so that I (along with many others to come I am sure) can utilize the great product I have bought from Slingbox.


      Thank you.




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          alanrichey42 Master

          You need to post this in the Remote Requests section.   And it will take months before anything happens.   What do you actually need in the short time ?  Just the correct image or do you need the whole remote control ?

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              Hi Alan,
              I need the entire remote as the current model I'm using (comcast silver standard model) does not respond to certain functions/ commands on both my Laptop & Mobile devices.



              - Channels do not change from the guide drop down, but do change when entering from the on-screen remote(even though it's the incorrect remote for my set top box).

              - Cannot access the DVR at all from any device (Laptop, Desktop, or Mobile)


              Can you assist?



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                  alanrichey42 Master

                  Not specifically, as I have no knowledge of the Comcast box (I am with Verizon).  But I do know there have been dozens of posts over the last few months about this issue so you need to do a forum search on 'Comcast X1'.    As I recall, no-one has figured out the Channel Change from Guide problem, but I fairly sure the DVR problem has been fixed.


                  I can provide you with a Custom Remote for Problem 2, if you can't find a solution.