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    5.1 Audio Problems

    andres7790 Newbie

      Hello I am having trouble with my sling catcher, i can't seem to configure 5.1 output


      Here in my set up:


      Header 1SourceHeader 3
      Home Source
      QIP 7100 (HD set top Box)Audio Out: SPDIF out w/ Coax Cable Video Out: Composite
      Sling Box Pro HDAudio In: Spdif In w/ Coax Cable Cable Video In: Composite
      Remote Source
      Sling CatcherAudio Out: SPDIF out w/ Coax Cable Video Out: HDMI
      Yamaha RX-V365BLAudio In: SPDIF
      Samsung UN40B-6000VFVideo In: HDMI


      I assume that my HD set top box is streaming 5.1 Audio because the set up says so


      Now, considering my setup, My audio receiver reads PCM audio at all time. Never 5.1


      When watching 5.1 TV shows and when watching shows that only broadcast in stereo.


      When i run my online slingbox setup for my Sling Box Pro HD, i have correctly selected digital audio.  The SlingBox has the latest fw

      I have also run the setup remotely from my slingmedia desktop media player set up assistant, and it confirms my digital audio selection.


      Ok, now on my slingcatcher side, in audio options, i have selected 5.1 audio.  But when i run the set up tests, it only tests front left and front right audio and the audio receiver displays PCM audio. So since the tests only tests Stereo Audio.LIVE tv and DVR content audio also outputs stereo.

      WHERE IS MY 5.1 AUDIO???



      About my Internet Connection:

      Home Source 25Meg Upload 25 Meg Dload 10 Ms Ping... It's freaking AMAZIIING

      Remote Source 600 Kb Upload 6 Meg Dload 80 Ms Ping... Not so amazing BUT it fulfills and slightly exceeds minimum HD requirements


      AGAIN... WHERE'S MY 5.1 AUDIO???? HELP PLease!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      I have two slingcatchers and have had the same problems with both....