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    System requirements for Pro-HD


      I'm thinking of purcasing a new laptop and want to make sure I can take full advantage of my slingbox!  I'm not too computer savy and want to make sure I get a machine that can allow me to watch my slingbox in HD.  I'm a little confused about clock speeds (esspecially quad vs duo) etc....


      HD Pro system requirements:

      • Intel 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo class processor or equivalent
      • 2 GB of RAM.
      • Video acceleration support desirable on graphics card.


      Laptops I'm considering:


      • AMD Quad-Core A10-5750M Accelerated Processor (2.5GHz??)
      • AMD Radeon HD Graphics
      • 6GB DDR3 System Memory (2 Dimm)




      • AMD Quad-Core A8-5550M Accelerated Processor (2.1GHz??) 
      • 2GB AMD Radeon™ HD 8750M Discrete
      • 6GB DDR3 System Memory (2 Dimm)




      • 2.9GHz Dual Core AMD A6 Processor with 4GB RAM (5350M)
      • AMD Radeon 8450G





      • 3rd generation Intel Core i3-3110M 2.40GHz (i3-3110M)
      • 4GB of DDR3
      • Intel HD Graphics 4000



      Also, as far as slingbox goes, should windows 7 vs 8 be a consideration when picking a laptop?  I realize everyone hates 8 but really all I'll be doing is streaming video so I don't think it's a big concern for me.


      I would think any of these would do the trick but again, I don't know much about how computers/graphics work so any advice would be appreciated.  I'm not a gamer, I just want to be able to watch sports away from the cable box!



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          heather.sling Newbie

          Hello nathandammeyer,


          Thank you for posting in our community. I can understand how purchasing a new computer can be a challenge. We all want to make sure what we purchase meets the standards of what we intend to do on a computer. I was looking at the different computers you were interested in. Honestly they all seem fine. I didn't see anything that would become a issue while watching your Slingbox.


          I hope this helps with your decision


          Thank you




          Sling Media Moderation Team