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    No video when using HDMI to RGB Convertor on Sky + HD


      Hi All


      I have just got a Slingbox 350 and wanted to configure it to use HD so I attempted to set up like this:


      HDMI out from Skybox into a 2 way HDMI splitter


      Out of the HDMI splitter into this;




      I then bought an RGB cable and connected to the slingbox as instructed, I can get audio but no video - I have tried bypassing the HDMI splitter and that still didn't work - I know the HDMI splitter is working as I am still getting picture on the TV from the other HDMI out on the splitter


      So I am thinking one of 2 things is wrong:


      1. Sky have managed to block video?

      2. The HDMI to RGB convertor is faulty (although this is unlikely?)


      I have since connected using SD and it works fine


      Any tips or advice would be appreciated as whilst it works in SD I would much prefer HD