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    Just generally poor video


      We just got a Slingbox M1 and I gotta say that I love the idea, but the picture quality is just really poor. I've read some reviews where they were getting excellent video, and this doesn't seem to be a common problem based on what I've found in the forums, but for me, the video is so poor that if I can't figure out how to improve it, I'm going to (disappointedly) send it back.


      So, here's what I've got - I'm using component cables, and I've got the Slingbox itself hard wired into the network (i.e., ethernet cable). The detection and setup went off without a hitch, and I started watching TV immediately. I waited for the Slingbox to switch from optimzing to streaming, and once it switched over, I was getting a bitrate of between 6800 to 7800 Kbps. But, even with that, the picture was still pixelated at the edges of objects, and on-screen text (e.g., scrolling news updates, names of people being interviewed, etc.) was very blurry. Another example of the issue is with football or baseball - the field lines are very jagged and are actually more like dashed lines (- - - - - - -) many times. Here's an example:


      Slingbox video.png


      The above picture actually looks substantially sharper than on the screen because of the fact that it's so much smaller.


      I went onto Speedtest.net, and ran tests a few times. I averaged around 8 to 9 Mbps downstream and around 5.5 to 6 Mbps upstream, both of which I would have thought would be adequate numbers to deliver a good picture. But no matter what, I can't seem to get good video. I've checked remote watching on multiple devices, but the results are the same. I've tried the few things Slingbox suggests on their site (such as enabling UPnP, which for the life of me I can't understand why that would have any impact), but nothing worked.


      Has anyone else had this experience? If so, what did you try? Also, is it possible that it's the settings on my TV? Are there numbers there that I should look at and tweak? I've got the HD quality set to 1080p60, which I would assume is the best video quality possible. Should I change that? Or, again, any other settings on the TV I should look at?



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          Another thing - I was playing around with it again tonight, and I noticed this:


          Slingbox bandwidth capacity.png


          So it doesn't look like network connectivity/bandwidth is the issue. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions for me to check out, they will be EXTREMELY appreciated. I really love what the slingbox does, and I'd hate to have to send it back just because I can't get it to deliver video to the level that I assume others are getting.


          I also realized that I should include the fact that I have Comcast Xfinity, my cable box is a Motorola RNG200N, and the cable router is an Arris. My wiring configuration is this:


          Slinbox Connections 1.png

          If anyone has any thoughts on the cabling setup, or on the equipment, that is also greatly appreciated.



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              Answered my own question. It does indeed appear to have been my cabling configuration. Changed the configuration from this:


              Cable router output ==> cable box input

              Cable box HDMI output ==> soundbar HDMI input ==> soundbar HDMI output ==> TV HDMI input

              Cable box component video output ==> Slingbox M1 component video input


              To this:


              Cable router output ==> cable box input

              Cable box HDMI output ==> soundbar HDMI input

              Cable box component video output ==> Slingbox M1 component video input ==> Slingbox M1 component video output ==> TV component video input


              and BAM!!! High quality video. Now, how high quality, I can't say, because I'm actually not that picky. Before changing out the cabling, it was so bad that even I couldn't accept it. Now, though, it's plenty good enough for me, and I'm really happy with the Slingbox!