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    Stripes in the Picture (Win7)


      I've noticed i get a real stripy picture on the new slingplayer for desktop for Windows7 similar to like it has been on the old sling legacy player which is not anymore supported by slingmedia, the only difference is that those stripes are not always visible it depends more on the content the network-station is broadcasting but not on SD/HD! Just for example on the network "Destination America" it's very easy to catch, logo and letters on this channel are totally striped,  i got a 350 and M1 box on the Web-Slingplayer and iPhone/iPad app Slingplayer those stripes are not present but on the Slingplayer for Desktop!


      I’m just not sure if it could have to do especially desktop-player combined with my PC, GraphicCard (Radeon HD6870)

      I had only the ability to test it on this one PC i got and nowhere else unfortunately


      Is there anybody else who is experiencing this particular issue?

      And if so please report it, slingmedia should definitely fix it.


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