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    Just moved abroad and my SlingBox "is not accessible"


      I have just moved to London for a Masters program and bought a slingbox to watch all my favorite shows on my tivo at home. I used my slingbox outside of my house a few times before moving here and all was fine.


      Well, four days ago I tried to watch it and got the message "your slingbox is not accessible" and it listed reasons why it might not be. So I called the person watching my dog and she certified that the tivo and slingbox were turned on and the internet in the house was working fine.


      I tried to get the slingbox to work at 3 different hotels and got the same message everytime. Any ideas?


      I am extremely annoyed because I paid a lot and now it's not working and it's not like I can do much about it from 5,000 miles away. Tomorrow, I will try it in my new flat and if it doesn't work there then there is no point in owning a slingbox because I won't be able to watch it ever.