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    Need Help with my newly purchased Slingbox 500!


      Premise: I live in Italy; my fiancé is in the USA. My Fiancé would like to view my Italian TV, from the States.
      I purchased the box and connected it here at my home in Italy.
      The problem is I cannot find a decoder that works, (or better a remote that allows me to change TV CHANNELs)!  I can only see one channel at the time!I tried EVERYTHING ex. (hours blogging with Technicians, installed custom remote controllers, tried hundreds of codes! Also tried 3 different decoders, Nothing!!!
      Could you provide me with the following:

      1) The Name Brand and model number of a Decoder, that I can purchase easily in Italy, that works on the Italian TV broadcast system and in conjunction with this Sling box? I only have the NATIONAL BASIC package! No private companies!

      2) Is there a Telephone Number that I can contact someone here in ITALY or Europe for TECHNICAL SUPPORT?

      Thank you!