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    M1 connection w/o cable box


      I'm trying to connect my M1 Slingbox without a cable box. My apartment's cable connection is directly through the wall. I have the cable connected to a RF Modulator. Then I have the red, white and yellow av cords connected from the RF Modulator into the "in" ports on the slingbox. I have the two red, white, blue, and green av cords connected from the slingbox "out" ports to my tv. The slingbox is connected to my wireless internet via router. My cable doesn't work unless a cable cord connects from the RF Modulator to the tv. Slingplayer is saying it can't configure video. I've also tried switching the "in" and "out" port cords and without connecting a cable from the RF Modulator to my tv. Any advice??

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          ferguspa Apprentice

          The RF modulator has three sets of jacks:

          Coax input (from the wall)

          Coax output (to the TV)

          Composite/S-Video/Analog audio input (from a DVD player, video game system, etc)

          The Slingbox M1 isn't getting video because the input of the Slingbox is attached to the input on the RF modulator--there's no video signal.  The only output on the RF modulator is coax.  The Slingbox M1 (and all recent-generation Slingboxes) need a device to tune and decode television (typically this is a cable or satellite "box"). If a regular "cable-ready" VCR works with your apartment's cable system, obtain a VCR to tune the channels and subsequently feed the Slingbox.  If the VCR works, you'd have these two options for wiring:


          TV and Slingbox show only the exact same TV program

          Wall -coax-> VCR -composite video (yellow) & analog audio (red/white)-> Slingbox M1 -composite video (yellow) & analog audio (red/white)-> TV


          TV and Slingbox can view different programs simultaneously (note there is only a single coax splitter below, but it's feeding two different devices):

          Wall -coax-> coax splitter -coax-> VCR -composite video (yellow) & analog audio (red/white)-> Slingbox M1

                               coax splitter -coax-> TV


          An example coax splitter is available from Amazon here.  You may wish to investigate options for using a cable box in your apartment--a cable box outputting HD will help the picture quality provided by the Slingbox.


          One other note--the Slingbox cannot change video formats--in your current wiring setup you have composite video (yellow RCA cable) input for the Slingbox and component video (red/green/blue RCA cables) output.  Ignoring the current difficulties with your apartment's cable system, this will not work--the Slingbox must feed the same signal through the "out" jacks that was fed in through the "in" jacks.