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    Windows7 not working


      I've really been struggling with the Slingbox since I purchased it. I originally purchased so I could run this on my iPad and mirror it to AppleTV, so I could watch Tivo on a different TV in the house. As most of you know the iPad app that I had to purchase is having major problems and I can't watch anything for any length of time.


      I recently tried the SlingPlayer for the PC which is running Windows 7 and I'm getting the following error. . .


      "Your Slingbox has been disconnected because of an internal error or poor Internet connection. Click on Reconnect to try again.P-16"


      The error pops up within about 10 minutes. The Slingbox M1 is wired into my network and I am accessing via the internet. The router is an ASUS RT66U.


      Could it be a configuration on my router?


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.