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    Sling TV to another Sling Box




      Sorry if this has been covered, i'm completely new to Sling, well actually still looking to purchase but I had a question. I was wondering if it's possible to use Sling TV to stream my TV to another Sling box in a nother room. Basically I want to be able to watch TV in another room without the need to run new cables. If it's possible which Sling devices would I need, I don't want to use my iPad to stream to Apple TV as i'm not sure how good the experience would be. Advice would be appreciated. Thank you

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          Hi k1ran29,


          Thanks for using the forums. In order to view programming from a Slingbox on a seperate TV, you would need a device such as an Apple TV with the application for iPhone or iPad or a Roku with the application for iPhone, iPad, or Android phone.


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            So, you want to "sling" your Tv signal from a TV in one room to a second TV in another room correct?


            As of today the cheapest option (assuming you don't own anything yet) would be to get a Slingbox M1 and set it up by your primary TV source.  In the second room you can use a Google Chromecast device connected to the HDMI of that TV.  Now, using the player on your phone (iOS or Android) you can "sling" your primary TV to your second one through the Chromecast.


            You can accomplish the same thing by connecting a computer, Roku, AppleTV, or GoogleTV (or even connecting your phone via HDMI or displayport) to the second TV.