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    Nothing after initial blip...


      I have the settings correct but can't get past the initial first blip...everything goes blank, as if no connection. Any suggestions?

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          katie.sling Apprentice

          Hi  jaj_781,


          Thanks for using the forums. What exactly happens when you try to view the Slingbox? Are you just getting no audio or video at all? Does this happen on the physical TV or the device you are using to view the Slingbox? Your Slingbox shows fully set up and available. If you are using HDMI cables at all in your setup, you could be running in to SOC or HDCP, which are forms of copyright protection coming from the cable box. What is happening is that your cable box is recognizing that something other than the cable box is connected and streaming the cable and it is shutting down the video. Below please find an article further explaining HDCP.



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