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    Slingbox invisible


      If i launch a Sling palyer application and search directory in the network, I see all the Slingbox attached, I want to make one of them invisible/undiscoverable how can i do that ??


      I know i can restrict users from not connecting it to it by user controls, i wanted to make this Slingbox undiscoverable and invisible to others.


      Any one has any ideas ??



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          katie.sling Apprentice

          Hello ACC6205500,


          Thanks for using the forums. At this time, making Slingboxes invisisble isn't a current feature. If you would like to see this in the future, you can always post under "have an idea" and our engineers will take a look at this and may include this in future releases.


          Hope this helps,



          The Sling Moderation Team