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    No Video after SlingPlayer for Web Update


      I have been using slin gbox for several years, with almost no problems.  AFter the most recent plugin update on my Mac, I only receive audio but no video feed.


      I have reinstalled three times, deleting the cookies and plugins before each time. No improvement. My wife has the same problem on her ipad and on her windows laptop.


      I'm running Mac OSX 10.9.4, firefox 31.0, chrome 37.0.2xxx, safari and have reinstalled the plugin with the same result -- no video.


      No one has touched my slingbox unit at home.   What can I do?


      Someone is at my home tonight only. But I have been away for a few weeks and it worked fine until last week.


      My player says I have a bit rate of 40-80 kbps, but my DSL speedtest shows that I am getting 5.45 Mbps consistently.  Where is the bottleneck?


      I can watch movies on hulu, netflix, youtube, cnbc, cnn, amazon... with no problem

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          I have exactly the same problem! I get a black screen, speed is high. First I had only audio and no vido, now I also have no audio anymore. What can I do to fix this? I already pwoer off the slingbox and power on again, still the same problem. The TV give video and audio no problem. All the cables are perfeclty in (acttually no one touched it so that can't be the problem).


          Problems  started after plugin update.


          I hope someone can help.