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    Easy Way to Change Active Remote?


      Am I missing something? Is there no easy way to switch to a different remote in Slingplayer for PC other than going through Setup Assistant and using Configure Video Source with its 17 mouse clicks, entering ZIP Codes, custom remote codes, selecting programming guides and powering off equipment?


      I've got working remote codes and configurations.  All I want to do is switch remotes, not reconfigure everything.  Couldn't you allocate a small amount of Slingbox memory to store say 4 or 8 remote templates and add a menu item to "Switch Remote"?  If nothing else how about removing the requirement to power test your remote code to advance to the next configuration page?  That's a real electricity, time and equipment killer.





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          ferguspa Apprentice

          You can configure multiple inputs (e.g. Composite and Component in the Slingbox 350), but not save multiple devices for a single input.  Imagining that multiple devices for a single input is a pretty niche feature and Sling Inc. would probably suggest purchasing additional Slingboxes.