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    Desktop App Login Problem


      Just go an old classic sb100-100, my first slingbox. Went to the site, followed instructions and ended up with the browser viewer. Signed up for an account and all worked well. But I didn't care for the browser viewer so downloaded the desktop viewer. It too works just fine also. My problem is that the desktop viewer won't let me sign in with my email and password i used on the browser viewer. Doesn't matter if I am logged in or out on the browser or even if I kill the browser. So I tried to re-register the desktop app and of course it says my email address is already taken. Is there a way around this or am i going to have to go get another throwaway email address?

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          eferz Expert

          Use the "forgot password feature" from (https://slingaccounts.slingmedia.com)


          Also, remember there are three passwords when concerning the Slingbox.






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              Thanks Eferz. I haven't figured out how to quote you on this forum so that's maybe another question...


              The password inside my slingbox is ok since it gives me all my cable channels just fine whether I'm using the browser player or I'm using the downloaded desktop player. *Both* work fine. My login password is *not forgotton* since it works just fine in the browser player mode, allowing me to use the guide. *Everything works in the browser mode*. My problem is that my browser email/password won't work in the desktop player mode (and thus I can't get the guide in this mode). If I try to use it, it says incorrect password or email. If I try to reregister it says my email is already used. It seems to be a server problem in that I can't seem to use the same login info on the player mode as I do the browser mode. I didn't find any support email address here so if there is one hidden somewhere here please advise.  So all I really want is to have a guide in the desktop player mode. Unless there's an easy answer my work around is going to register the player with another throwaway email address. But this problem seems so stupid that I'm sure there must be a better answer...  Thanks.