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    I have a Pro-HD slingbox


      I have a Pro-HD Slingbox


      I left my house and turned TV off


      I can usually access Slingbox for a day or two while traveling after I leave, but at some point several days in trip, I always get a message No video signal and the only way I can access Slingbox again is if I return home again and turn TV on and off again.


      Is there a better way to restart the video signal remotely?

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          On the face of it that makes no sense, as the TV has nothing to do with the Slingbox setup.   It must be a 'feature' of the cable/satellite box that puts it to sleep after a period of time, and turning the TV on 'wakes up' the cable box.  But tapping on the power button on the remote should have the same effect.  Can you be a lot more specifc, i.e. type of AV device, manufacturer/model number, EXACTLY how you have things wired up ?