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    Sling box from Australia?


      I live in Australia but own a home in California where my son lives and I subscribe to Comcast.  Questions:  Whatb do I need at my son's home to use a sling box?  Can I have a dedicated cable line with a DVR so he can still watch tv on his tv?  What is the best slingbox to buy?  Do I need a tv at the dedicated line in CA, and how would the quality be to Australia?  Thanks

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          alanrichey42 Master

          If you want to be independent from your son's viewing the Slingbox will need it's own dedicated TV source, i.e. another cable box.  How you do that we can't know, as it depends on your Comcast setup.  All the Slingbox does is take a TV signal and 'sling' it onto the Internet.


          There is no 'best' Slingbox to buy, it depends on what you want.   Just go to the Sling site and check them out.


          There is no requirement for a TV in California, apart from the one your son is using.   The quality will depend on your Upload speed at CA.  If it is 2Mb+ then you should be fine, although I actually get a 'watchable' picture (i.e. I can follow the plot but not read any text) with just a 0.4Mb upload speed.