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    Connecting Remotely


      Is it possible to remotely connect to/set up slingbox to watch on my laptop if I am away from home and not on the same internet network as the slingbox? When logged into my sling account, there was a window that asked for a Sling ID and setting up a name and password- is it possible that a code can be entered here that would allow me to connect that slingbox to my account or are there no other options?

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          I would love an answer to this question as well.

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              Go to knowledge base and search for M1.

              There are two articles, the first one about setting up on internet/WIFI, you come to, does not tell you you have be wireless and on the same network as the slingbox M1.

              The second article that pertains to this subject tells you this information.


              KB8008 and KB5000366 are the two articles you want to view.

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              Hi jessicad,


              Thank you for posting to the Community. Those are excellent questions. Unfortunately, you will have to be at the Slingbox location in order to complete the setup process. The device and the Slingbox need to be on the same network in order for it to be setup. If you have the Slingbox setup already, you are able to make changes to some settings while away from the home, but that is only after the setup is complete.


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