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    Does Slingbox support multiple connections?


      Can more than one person connect to my Slingbox?


      Do any models support multiple connections?


      Has anyone come up with a workaround?

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          Cpierswim Newbie

          You cannot have 2 simultaneous connections to a slingbox - but you CAN have guest accounts to allow others to acccess it when they want to. You just can't connect to it at the same time.

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            Cpierswim Newbie

            Do you need 2 people watching it simultaniously? I think I just thought of a way to do that involving desktop sharing, as long as you are not both watching it on mobile.

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              OvCollyer Apprentice

              If you just want to have another person watch the same channel then you can daisy-chain Slingboxes i.e. connect two (or more) Slingboxes to the same source by connecting the output of the first one to the input of the second.


              Both viewers would then have equal control over the satellite/cable box (unless you taped over the IR transmitters on one of the boxes or something if you wanted one to be a viewer only) and you'd need enough upload bandwidth to cope with two video streams if you plan to watch remotely but it would work just fine and you can probably pick up a Slingbox 350 fairly cheaply now.


              Aside from that it depends on what you are trying to do and to what lengths you are prepared to go to. There is probably nothing to technically stop you having one PC connect to your Slingbox and then having either it (or a separate pc with a video capture card) capture and broadcast the stream over the LAN or Internet using a standard video stream protocol that multiple other PCs could then connect to and view using VLC or something. It would require a fair bit of technical know-how to setup though!