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    Choppy audio - video fine

    Cpierswim Newbie

      Just got a new Slingox 500, having a bit of an issue with choppy audio.


      I'm connected at about 3,900Kbps. I'll be watching a channel and the audio is fine for a few minutes, then it starts getting choppy. It will cut out for a split second every 5 seconds. I have to reload the page inorder for it to get back to normal. The whole time the video is crystal clear. The same issue happens if I am on the computer, or iPad. Haven't tried the phone yet.

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          Cpierswim Newbie

          Same issue on the phone. Also, it doesn't matter what quality video I am on. From the highest quality video to the lowest, there is always choppy audio.

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            kevin.sling Apprentice

            Hello Cpierswim,


            Most common connection and disconnection issues are occurring because the TCP  (Transmission Control Protocol) has failed in the home router for the Slingbox  (the router the Slingbox is connected to).  Please have a look at the following  article below for more information:




            Once the IP address of the Slingbox and port number  are located, the required steps are to enter the Default IP address (Gateway  Address) of the router into the URL address bar indicated below:


            ip address.JPG

            • 192.168.XXX.XXX is just an example Default IP  address



            Every router is different, so you will have to go into the router settings  and look for port forwarding.  You will have to open the port that was listed in  the network settings of the Slingbox with the IP address of the Slingbox  there.


            If you still cannot find the port forwarding options, you can find most  router information at the following site:




            Once there, select your routers brand name.  After this, the site will try to  have the user purchase the program but just close this out by selecting the  "Close [X]" in the upper right hand side of the screen.


            Once this is done you can then select the model number of the router.  Once  this is selected, scroll down to the word Slingbox and select Slingbox.  This  will now give you instructions on how to port forward your router.  Please  ignore the port number information, use the port you got from the network  settings of the Slingbox indicated from the article "What if the automatic router setup  doesn't work?".


            Hope this Helps!!!



            Sling Media Moderation Team