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    WD TV LIVE Slingbox Pro-HD and 350 bad quality.


      Hello Slingbox.


      I have both an Slingbox Pro-HD and a Slingbox 350.
      The boxes are plugged in with Component cables (tried composit, even worse quality)

      I'm using the WD TV LIVE to stream the TV-programs.

      Basic quality is 320x240 resolution with 500-700kb/s streaming

      Good quality is 640x240 resolution with 2500kb/s streaming.

      Better quality is 640x480 resolution with 5000-7000kb/s streaming
      Best quality is the same as "better" (640x480 Means it doesnt stream in HD, and let me notice, this is the same problem on BOTH the slingboxes (350 and pro-hd) that I stream from, which is kind of odd, and I can't seem to figure it out.
      Connection type is tcpWan, streaming out of house to my other house.
      WD TV LIVE has a network test which isn't very stable, sometimes shows internet to slingplayer from 4-50Mbit, but slingbox to slingplayer is about 4-5Mbit. The internet connection at the slingbox is 60/60Mbit. And the connection at the slingplayer (receiver) is also 60/60Mbit.

      I've used this slingbox page for information about resolution http://support-worldwide.slingbox.com/get/KB-2000464.html

      Any suggestions would be appreciated, if you would like any more informations i'd glad support you.

      Thanks for the help already




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          OvCollyer Apprentice

          I sounds to me that your component connection is only delivering SD resolutions.


          Is your cable/satellite box also connected to your TV via HDMI? If so do you get proper HD pictures? If so, what happens when you disconnect the HDMI cable? I believe there exists a form of copy protection that downgrades component to SD in some situations.


          If it's not that, try connecting your TV to component - do you still get an SD picture on the TV?