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    M1 Setup Issues? Make Sure You Have the Right Slingplayer


      I recently purchased an M1 player, my first Slingbox. I was immediately set upon a journey of frustration and tears trying to get it set up using my Macbook Pro, initially unable to get it online. After I got it connected to my home network, I was never able to properly set it up—either the setup wouldn't complete, or it would never connect after the setup was "successful."


      Hours spent fighting it—including an email to the product manager, who was quite nice, after I accidentally came upon his LinkedIn profile—were finally alleviated when I decided to uninstall Slingplayer. As it turns out, I was trying to set up my M1 with an ancient player, which happens to be the version that shows up if you simply try to use Google to download the app.


      Here is the link to the new players:




      After I downloaded the correct version it took me about five minutes to properly set up my M1, including a required factory reset. I felt like an idiot, but now I have a fully functioning M1, which looks great.


      Moral of the story: use the website to find everything.