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    Slingbox Kills Features on Slingbox 500


      I don't understand how Slingbox is taking away capabilities from the machine I purchased with the intent to be able to watch my movies remotely!!!  I have never heard of backward technological programming to reduce the value of a purchased product.  This move is an outrage to customers and should be attacked with a class action suit to pay back purchasers at least.

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          Maxcats Novice

          I too struggle to understand this backtrack.


          I wonder what the marketing rationale is to buy the Sling 500/TV?


          It seems now like a hamstrunbg product with no rationale to exist. It's been kneecapped by the M1 and the 350 offers the same performance features (less Wi-Fi).


          I aspired to owning the 500 - I've had a Pro (red legacy model) a 350 and a Pro-HD, but I just don't need it now without the additional streaming capability of personal content that is now removed.

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              One of the major reasons that I bought my Slingbox 500 was because of the My Media feature.  I had thought highly of the company, the product, and the service.  It is the responsibility of the company to give their reasons as to why they discontinued this feature.  In addition, since it was marketed as a feature integral to the 500, they should provide customers with a downgrade path by allowing them, if they choose, to return the 500 and switch to another product.  I have been successfully recommending their products to several colleagues but will stop doing so without better communication and clarification as to why my purchased product has been made LESS useful AFTER my purchase.

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              How is this even legal? They get us to buy the thing then TAKE AWAY features ???