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    Slingbox suddenly stops working


      Yesterday all was fine, I occasionally use my Slingbox 500 remotely, I've had it since last December.  Today the TV connected to it would not show picture or sound, it appeared like an HDMI connection problem, no sound, picture, no nothing. I also noticed I couldn't get my Slingbox remote to turn on the main menu of the Slingbox. After checking all my HDMI connections, troubleshooting various components, such as my cable box, and my Apple TV, sound system, nothing still worked. I disconnected the Slingbox and that got my TV to work again. Thinking maybe it's a bad HDMI Cable, I switched them and using a good cable, reconnected my TV and Slingbox 500. No picture, sound again.  Remote of the Slingbox is unresponsive.


      It appears my Slingbox 500 has died an early death. It is still under warranty. I will contact support tomorrow, but if anyone has a similar issue or a suggestion, please let me know. I can add that I tried holding the reset button on the slingbox, disconnecting it, reconnecting it. But it not only doesn't work (power is on and network connection lights are on, too) it prevents me from watching TV at all, so it has to be disconnected to work.


      Other info--although I have the HDMI connection, I do have the component cables for my slingplayer, and I did not change or move anything since yesterday when it worked fine.  I did hear there is a software update being deployed, wondering if this update has bricked my Slingbox 500.


      Thanks and wish me luck.



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          I have the same probleme,video but no sounds.i bought my 500 on the 9/8/2013 it survive only a year paid 300$..

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            katie.sling Apprentice

            Hello midiexpert,


            Thanks for using the forums. Sorry to hear you are having issues with the TV using an HDMI cable. You are actually running in to what is called HDCP, which is a form of high definition copyright protection. This is caused by the cable box itself recognizing that something other than the cable box is connected, and it thinks that you are trying to "steal" the cable so it in turn shuts down the signal. The fix for this would be to remove the HDMI cable and use component cables as a passthrough. Please find an article below for more helpful information about this.


            Hope this helps,



            The Sling Moderation Team

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                Katie thanks so much for the reply. You'll be interested to know that my slingbox 500 was setup using component cables just like described n the setup guide and was working perfectly for over 9 months before I encountered the current problem. I disconnected the slingbox for a couple of days, then reconnected it in exactly the same way as previously,

                and it works again!

                I have no explanation for this, as I looked at possible issues such as loose or bad cables, didn't find the source of the issue. And to be clear, the issue was NO PICTURE Or Sound, and no response if the sling remote. So no live tv either until I disconnected the slingbox from my setup. I'm guessing maybe there was something loose, although I checked and re plugged on every cable that first time.

                So I'm good now. Confused, but everything is working again.


                Ps I'm aware of the hcdp issue which is why I'm using component cables. But my setup also had hdmi  for TV and it worked fine every day but one. Go figure.




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