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    New M1 has same issue as previous slingboxes - speckled band on bottom


      I previously posted about the same issue on my 350 and now with a new M1 hooked up in a different location I'm seeing the same problem.


      Here is the original post with screenshots of the problem https://community.sling.com/message/80051#80051


      I can not belive that I'm the only one seeing this issue, nor that nothing can be done to fix it. Watching full screen on a 21+" monitor (16:10 especially), it's annoyinly noticable to have this speckled band of color when the image is dark - sticks out like a sore thumb.


      Sling Support was able to see the same problem on the iPad player as I did in the web player (and now the Slingplayer Desktop app). It's likely an issue with the stream encoding (it's like it's encoding a string of random data at the bottom of the screen/off by one error).


      It's driving me nuts, so any help would be apreciated.