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    Slingbox Solo Died


      I am having trouble with my slingbox solo, it doesn't power up and does nothing at all. It just blinks the power red light and then nothing else, I just kept it disconnected when I realized it died. I think it's the problem all the solos suffer from, cause it smells like something burned inside it (electrical) and I would want to know if you could provide any assistance for this matter. My device has a few years on it. It wasn't being used for a time and now I have like 4 or 6 months I decided to use it again until yesterday it suddenly died. please let me know how could I proceed with this inconvenience, if there is any way out or if I have to buy another one I really liked using the product until now, I had no idea this device gave problems...

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          katie.sling Apprentice

          Hi alguzz,


          Thanks for using our answers forums. Sorry to hear you are having an issue with your SOLO. Please contact our technical support team and we will troubleshoot the Slingbox with you.


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