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    Streaming content to another smart TV


      I just bought a Slingbox 500 a few days ago and I'm really enjoying it.


      Anyway, my issue (small one) is in regards to streaming my content to another smart TV that I have in my home that doesn't have any hookups outside of Apple TV.  Currently, I'm using an iPad and airplay to cast the stream to that TV.  I believe that I sometimes experience picture degredation because of having to go that route.


      Checking the app store for my LG smart TV, they didn't have anything that I could use to have more of a direct connection and assumedly better picture.  I double checked with both LG's and also with Slingbox customer service where they indicated there wasn't something I could download as app like Pandora, Youtube, etc.


      Now, from what I understand, there are a couple of devices - Netgear Neo and WD Live where you can download a Slingbox app and I'd assume the picture degredation would no longer be an issue.  Besides shelling out more money, the Slingbox rep I spoke with mentioned that in the future it wouldn't be supported or updated with the newer products planned.


      So, the question I have is if there is a more direct way to stream content to a separate tv at home rather than paying for another device or using the iPad/Airplay combo that I'm currently using?  For my smart TV, it would be great for it to either have an app to directly download to it or have it automatically recognize it as some other type of input that you could interact with.


      This could be part of the changes you have upcoming.  So excuse me if I'm beating a dead horse :).


      Thanks again.

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          katie.sling Apprentice

          Hello ACC6195407,


          Thanks for using the forums. You have a great question. At this time, the current supported methods of viewing on a separate remote TV are using the Slingplayer apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android phone via either Apple TV (for iPad and iPhone) or the Roku (for all 3 devices). You can always go to our "have an idea?" section and post your idea. Our engineers do take a look at the ideas requested.



          Hope this helps,



          The Sling Moderation Team

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            Cpierswim Newbie

            This may or may not help, but I just got an old laptop and hook it up to the TV via HDMI. Picture quality is great.

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                Thanks for both of the responses.  For the most part, my picture looks great for movies and shows.  It's when you start to view sports where things are more noticeable with some bluring occurring.


                Since most games are usually on ESPN, I can switch over to their WatchESPN app on Apple TV and stream it via my internet.  The quality of the picture here is quite significant where I really can't tell the difference between it and my other TV with a direct connection to my cable box.


                So, yea, the issue is definitely not Slingbox but the additional hurdle with transferring the cable signal with my iPad, Airplay and Apple TV having to be used as a bridge.  Anyway, I don't have an old laptop that's around and the TV that I am streaming to is in my bedroom where it's not very convenient to setup.  However, I do believe I noticed something on the site where you could use an AV cord with your iPad to not have to use Airplay and Apple TV.


                So, I may try using that.  I guess the only tradeoff would be that I would have to get up each time to switch channels.

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                    Cpierswim Newbie

                    I just got a cheap used laptop and use a wireless keyboard/mouse and hide the laptop. I'm sure that the cord to the iPad would be better, but I'm not sure if it would be as good as the laptop because the computing power is less. I have an iPad 2 and I usually have problems getting the absolute clearest picture (same issues with motion) because it's kind of an old iPad, not because of connection issues. Sometimes it will switch into the best quality, but only about 10% of the time, whereas my phone (Galaxy S3) will always be at the highest settings and is much more clear.