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    How do we set Favorite channels?


      In the guide in the new M1 desktop player on Mac, in the upper right you can see "All | HD | No Favorites".   How do we set our favorites? 


      This really is a "must have" since the list from Zap2it is showing every single channgel that oru cable provider offers, yet of course we only get a fraction of.  Instead of scrolling over dozens (hundreds!) of channels I don't get, I just want to tell the guide my list of favorites, and I'll only look at those.


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          pmkelly Newbie

          I ran into the same issue on the M1 player for Windows.  Called tech support and they confirmed that there is no support for Favorites in the current desktop apps.  The agent told me they are working on an update that will include support for Favorites in the future, but he did not have an estimated deliverly date.