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    Remote Set-Up Help


      My family and I are moving to Belgium.


      In order to watch TV we bought a M1 this weekend and attached it to a DirecTV Genie at my sister's house.  Unfortunately, due to DirecTv's crazy output format I had to order a H25 cable so was not able to complete the set-up procedure due to the missing video component.


      Fast forward to today.  How do I finish the set-up from 4 hours away since I am no longer on her network?  Is there a workaround?  The thought of driving 4 hours both ways just to get on her network to set-up the software seems like madness.


      Thank you in advance to those more technically savvy!

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          OvCollyer Apprentice

          Is there another PC on her network you can remote login to?


          You basically need someone with a laptop to be on that network and setup some form of remote login such as VNC, LogMeIn, that kind of thing, if there is nobody there who can help.


          I'm pretty sure you won't be able to complete setup remotely.

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              Thank you for the response!


              I can definitely have someone at the house log on to one of their computers and remote into it.  Is there a link to another thread (I have searched but could not find anything) that explains the next steps?


              I updated the Slinbox software on the M1 before I left their house and I have the software on my laptop, but not being on her network it fails.  What is that link between logging in via VCN, etc. and getting my laptop to recognize the device?


              I appreciate any assistance.

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                  OvCollyer Apprentice

                  Ok, I may not be explaining myself too well, what I mean is you have two options:


                  1) Someone at your sister's house installs the Slingplayer desktop software onto their computer, and completes the setup process on your behalf. Once this has been done, then you don't need to do any further setup on your laptop - you will simply be able to log in and watch your stream. This is the easiest option if it is available to you.


                  2) Someone at your sister's house configures their computer for remote access. There are quite a few ways to do this, one of which is LogMeIn. Then you would be able to log in to their machine and take over the desktop of their machine and you'd then be able to install the desktop software and complete setup.


                  I only mention 2) because maybe you had a PC there already which was setup for remote access already.


                  If you don't, then it would be easy just to get someone to complete the setup for you as per 1).


                  Hoping I've made better sense this time!!!

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                      Thank you once again!


                      I feel like a dumb-***.  Your option #1 makes so much sense that it's embarrasing I didn't assume it worked that way.


                      So basically as long as they log into my Slingbox account and set up the player we can then access the account afterwords and all will be perfect?  Love it.


                      Thank you!