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    Slingbox Pro - no video detected


      My slingbox pro has worked well for about 4 years.  It now comes up with a message "no video detected" and there is just static for sound.  Additionally I got a newer cable box, Motorola model DCT2244. I did get the "No video detected" message prior to getting the new cable box.  After consulting the slingbox community forums I decided to try resetting the slingbox.  Since resetting, I have not been able to complete the configuration as The slingbox does not detect video.


      My router is in a different location than the cable box and TV. The slingbox is connected to the router and the cable line which feeds directly into the Motorola unit. It worked great for years and am at my wits end to get it back online as I travel a lot and want to watch my TV channels.


      Furthermore, during the configuration I got as far as choosing a remote control and the one that comes up is not the control I have. Not sure if that will be an issue when I finally get it running as I just watch TV, don't have a DVR setup.


      Would appreciate some advice.