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    No Video Detected - Fixed, but I don't know how


      About a week ago I had to have my DirecTV HR44 (Genie DVR) receiver replaced. When the technician left, I hooked my Slingbox Pro HD back up and ensured that everything was working. We even used it a couple of times.


      Then two days ago I connected to the Slingbox with my laptop and, although I was receiving audio, I had a "No Video Detected" message. I hadn't changed anything and so was baffled as to what the problem might be. I tried connecting from other computers/devices... still No Video.


      The TV (connected by HDMI directly to the DirecTV box) never lost audio or video during this time.


      Tonight I tried everything: new cables, component instead of composite, resetting, hard resetting, re-configuring the inputs on setup.slinbox.com... nothing worked. I went through every one of the Setup menu choices for the DirecTV receiver, thinking that perhaps I had somehow turned off some of the outputs (which, after seeing those choices, I don't think is even possible). I fiddled and fiddled until my eyes were crossing. Defeated, I decided to put everything back the way it was and try again another day. "No Video Detected" was still showing in the setup.slinbox.com window when I sat down to write this post.


      And then... poof! It started working again. Using the same cables I had been using before. Using the same configuration I had been using before. No changes.


      I'm glad it's working, but I'd also like to know what went wrong in the first place. Any ideas?




      DirecTV HR44 --> HDMI --> TV

      DirecTV HR44 --> Component --> Slingbox Pro HD