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    Slow streaming speed on laptop


      Can anyone shed any light on why my streaming speed is so slow?


      My slingbox pro is connected at home in the UK to my PC.  The PC streams the signal at between 2000-3000kbps.  According to the manual my sling box seems to be set up correctly.  My PC is run through an ethernet cable (via the wireless router) and my slingbox is plugged into the phone line(through a dual filter.  The dual filter connects the wireless router and the slingbox connections and goes directly into the phone line.   The internet is ADSL and runs at about 5/70MB upload/download speed.  My wireless router supports 1/10MB upload download.


      In Singapore my laptop streams only at 200-300kbps.  My wireless network in Singapore has a uplaod / download capacity of 10/100 Mbs and speed tests on the laptop range between 5 and 7 Meg.  My laptop is a new Sony VAIO with intel core duo processor (2.2GHz) and claims to be set up for HD.  It has a 2GB Memory and hardly any of the 320GB capacity has been used.


      Can anyone shed any light on why my streaming speed is so slow?  Could this have anything to do with the wireless router giving such a low performance at my home.  I am not sure why this would be but it seems the only possible bottleneck.  I have spoken to other users in my areas and they can get a much better signal even with weaker internet speed.

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          If I'm reading it correctly, you have an upload speed of 1 megabyte (8192 kilobits) in the UK while your download test indicates 5 megabytes (40960 kilobits)?  Are you sure that you're not mixing up bits to bytes?


          Try this site, (http://www.speedtest.net) and use the world map to select Singapore if you're currently in the UK or UK if you're currently in Singapore.  The results there are listed in Mbps (megabits), and selecting the alternate location will allow you to test available bandwidth and latency over transcontinental links.  Don't worry if your speeds don't match your ISP's advertised speed since those are usually burst not sustained.



          Here's my test results.


          Now for the reason you're only 200-300kbps is due to your current conditions.  the Slingplayer has a two-way communication with your Slingbox.  Its algorhythm will adjust the encoding to give you the best picture with the least amount of bandwidth possible under your current network and hardware conditions.  If you'd like to see your current statistics then check below.



          Hold down [Alt]&[Shift]+[i] for the Slingplayer Desktop




          For the Web Slingplayer, hold down [Ctrl] and click on the picture.



          If you still believe that you should get better, then you can go into your Slingplayer Options (Alt+O) and manually tweak the settings in the Encoding Tab to adjust the stream parameters.