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    No Video since 1 week




      Just since a week back my slingbox don't show any video. I have had no problems what so ever since i got my slingbox a couple of years ago.


      Have tried everthing that i found on the forums and nothing works.


      Sound is perfect but the picture just says No Video Signal.


      Pls help me!


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          Try connecting the component/composite/hdmi cables directly to the TV from the cable box bypassing the slingbox and check whether you get video.

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            Hello antongus58,


                 Two questions:


            • What cables are you using to connect your cablebox to the television?
            • What cables are you using to connect your cablebox to your Slingbox?


            Awaiting your reply!



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                I am having this same issue with my both of my PRO-HD (one was upgraded Oct. 2011, the other in Sept. 2009). I can only hear audio, no video when trying to watch from any of my devices (ipad, iphone, MacBook). Tried resetting the box. No results. Checked all the connections, all securely attached. Software says up to date.  Made sure setup for internet viewing, but get no video on first step. I have component cables going from the slingbox to cable box and HDMI going from cable box to TV. Oddly, when I disconnect the HDMI, I can then see video on my devices, but very poor quality (yellowy). And obviously do not want to lose ability to watch my TV while remote viewing using slingplayer. Please help.

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                i have the same problem whith my canal digital box in sweden,

                I think it is a sagem ,



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                  I hade same problem with my slingbox solo, the problem Was that canal digital have update the turner so Usb output was not working.

                  I have to go call canal digital and they help me to fix the problem. Sorry fore bad enlish