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    slingbox 500 initial install-software update frozen


      just bought slingbox 500

      I'm in the inital setup

      connected via wifi

      Software donwloaded ok

      Screen now says Installing Slingbox Update

      Has been on this screen for about 45 minutes

      I believe its frozen

      What shoud I do?



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          Try to hard reset the slingbox.

          To reset the Slingbox, the user should be on the home network and able  to physically access the Slingbox. Hard reset also requires a working  Internet connection.

          With the Slingbox powered on, press and hold the Reset button on the back of the Slingbox for more than five seconds, until the Network light flashes twice quickly.Slingbox 500 reboots almost immediately and is completely reset after about 10 minutes. Once it reboots then you can go with the setup process to complete the setup.

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              I just got a new Slingbox 120.  I try to set it up and it always freezes at 25% firmware update.


              My slingbox is brand new.  I also have tried hard resetting several times but it doesn't change the outcome.



              Can someone help?


              Best regards,


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                FYI, it's two years later and their updates won't work.    My Slingbox 500 was working for 3 years until I moved and tried to install in the new location. During the set up procedure (not done using a computer, so that was not the problem) it would not recognize that I have a new internet provider and am therefore using new hardware. Therefore I had to do a factory reset as recommended on the Slingbox support website for such situations. Actually I tried two resets with the same results as you: it stalls after downloading the update software. I finally called Slingbox "support".  They acted like I was the first to report this problem. After customer rep #1 conversed with another rep she told me that they have no solution, i.e. I have a new $350 paperweight.  In my view this company and their products should be totally shunned.