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    A problem that apparently can't be fixed


      I am a longtime Slingbox user; years of good experience with Pro-HD and even one before that whose name escapes me.  Last September I bought the new 500 and have had continuing problems with it from the beginning.  The problems are jerky video and audio, 1 or 2 second drop-outs, and complete freezes. The freezes are accompainied by either a message asking me to reconnect or having to restart the web browser or app,


      These same problems occur on my desktop, both of my two laptops, a Roku player, and my Galaxy S5. 

      I have a Comcast modem, a DCX3400 cable box, and a Linksys WRT1900AC router. My general netwok performance is such that I can achieve download speeds of 57GB/S and uploads of 7GB/S.  Netflix shows a bitrate of 5800, and streams perfectly. Any reasonable person would agree there's nothing wrong with my equipment.


      I have tried connecting the Slingbox to the router via wireless as well as direct ethernet cable. Problem still exists.


      I have made numerous calls to tech support with zero results. (My case# is 896262)  Since the problem is intermittent the support people have never experienced it. I asked for an escalation, but was denied one.  In desperation, I asked for a replacement Slingbox 500 and was sent one.  No difference, same problem.  I've since returned the replacement.


      I'm an experienced ex-I.T. person; I think I've described the problem and its related information as best as I can; if I've missed something let me know. 


      I'm hoping someone with in-depth technical knowledge of the Slingbox 500 can work with me toward resolving this issue.  In summary, then, my question is- what will it take to fix this?  Believe me, I've tried my best...