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    retrieve the slingbox id


      When we tried to install slingplayer on my daughters Macbook at her school dorm room it asked for our slingbox ID. I've tried every different method on sling.com (and there are at least 3 different methods describing how to retrieve the slingbox ID) and none of them work. So if anyone has successfully retrieved their slingbox ID, please let me know how. Please don't copy/paste the FAQ answer. They don't work. Thanks.

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          alanrichey42 Master

          How are you setting it up ?   The M1 should be setup using the new Desktop Player or throught a mobile app.   And they will not ask for a Slingbox ID.

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            ferguspa Apprentice

            The ID might be listed here. If not:


            What model of Slingbox?

              Slingbox 350, M1, and SlingTV/Slingbox 500 do not have user-facing Slingbox IDs.


            What SlingPlayer software(s) have you used to watch the Slingbox?

              Just taking a guess--if the SlingPlayer software used is old enough or exclusively the legacy SlingPlayer Desktop for Mac 1.0.10, the only time the requestor may have seen the Slingbox ID was at setup time (i.e. no Sling Accout was ever created and there's no link between the Slingbox ID and a Sling Account, thus the "How to find your Slingbox ID with SlingPlayer" portion of this article).


            What SlingPlayer software are you using on your daughter's Macbook?

              AFAIK, the only SlingPlayer software on the Mac that requires a Slingbox ID is the legacy SlingPlayer Desktop for Mac 1.0.10 (the rest of the software (Watch on Slingbox.com and Slingplayer for Desktop for Mac) operate on Sling Accounts).