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    Slingbox Solo is choosey about routers


      I recently bought a Slingbox Classic and a Slingbox Solo, both used. The Slingbox Classic worked pretty much right away (after the usual changes) with my LInksys WRT54G router running dd-wrt firmware. However, the Solo simply would not connect to the network, no matter what I did. I tried 3 different third-pary firmware versions on the Linksys. I isolated things down to just the Solo and the router and one other PC on the network. Nothing worked.


      I should mention that I had to buy a replacement AC adaptor for the Solo since it did not come with one. I did notice one post on the Solo forum about a user who had network problems with his/her Solo because of a bad (if working) adaptor. I don't have a known-good adaptor to test with.


      To troubleshoot, I took the Solo to work and tried it with three other routers. It connect to two of them. So, I'm temporarily using an old D-Link WBR-1310 from work. However, that has other issues, including a weak broadcast signal and the fact that my Acer netbook refuses to connect to it.


      Does anyone know of a wireless router, preferably 802.11G to keep it inexpensive, known to work well with the Solo?


      If it matters, I'm on Dish Network and going through a little known ISP - Windstream, via DSL.


      Thanks for any help anyone can give.