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    Using WD TV Live Streaming w/Hopper Sling


      I have a Dish Hopper with Sling. It will NOT play any videos stored on my NAS drives. I have a WD TV Live Streaming box. Is there anything I need to do to get the WD device to work with the Dish Hopper w/Sling? Dish support on this topic s non-existent and they keep telling me to load software onto my PC, which defeats the whole purpose of having media stored on NAS drives.

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          Hello RealGomer,


          The reason why you cannot get your DISH Hopper to work with your WD TV is because the SlingPlayer application on the WDTV will only work with Sling Media Slingboxes.  The Hopper through DISH does not have an application on the WD TV.


          For further information on the, please contact DISH Network for ways to watch your Hopper.


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