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    Code:200 every time I connect to my Slingbox PRO-HD




      since nearly 2 weeks I get an error code:200 when I want to conntect to my Slingbox PRO-HD.


      I have to make a reset an reconfigure it again. then it works for only 24h

      Even after every restart I have to reconfigure it.

      In the configuration it says that the firmware has to be updated, but at 25% it stucks ...

      After a few tries then it says that the firmware is up to date an I can finish the configuration.


      Modem/Router is a AVM Fritzbox 7390, port TCP 5001 ist open for Slingbox. Network connection ist ok, Internet connection also ok. Slingbox is connected to a satellite receiver VU+ Solo.

      Slingbox Firmware is 2.1.420


      Does anyone here have an idea what could be the solution for my problem?


      Kind regards