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    Pro-HD Upgrade to M1 ..


      Is it worth it to upgrade my Pro-HD to the new M1 ?


      I have ethernet connection, so the wireless feature does not matter.



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          alanrichey42 Master

          I would actually call it a downgrade.  The M1 is a replacement for the 350 (no idea why that was so short lived) which was a replacement for the Solo.  The replacement for the Pro-HD is the 500/Sling TV, although again I fail to see why you want to change, as you lose the built in tuner and gain ...???

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              Yea, I got the M1 today and I think the quality of the picture is marginally better than the Pro-HD.  And, the integrated IR is a nice feature.  Otherwise, it is basically the same unit, no real advantages.  And as mentioned in this forum, the M1 does not support Guest accounts.


              I did learn too, that although the new Slingplayer Desktop is not officially supported for other than M1's, it does work with the HD-Pro, however ONLY for the main admin account.  HD-Pro Guest accounts get stuck on the "searching for slingbox devices" when launching the new app.


              Maybe in the future, the app will officially support the Pro-HD including Guest accounts.


              Thanks for the feedback, I think this M1 is going back.

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                BrandonC Novice

                I wouldn't call the M1 a downgrade from the Pro HD. It jsut depends on your needs. The M1 is a great box to hook up a secondary source to that you don't have to be concered about having a wired connection to or have IR dongles.  Like putting it in your guest room for example.


                Far as the new Sling TV (replacement for the 500)  I will be unboxing, installing and writing up a reviiew on it (on placeshiftingenthusiasts site)  this weekend.


                In the mean time the 350 is going for $99.00 to $115.00 ( see http://placeshiftingenthusiasts.com/forum/general-sling-box-discussions/sling-media-slingbox-350-for-99-00/) depending on when you look.