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    Switch Inputs on TV


      I have two (working) inputs for Slingbox; a Cablebox connected via component cables and an IPTV box connected via HDMI (or even via composite video input). I have an HDMI output to TV.  I cannot seem to switch inputs (using remote) so that I can select between Cable and IPTV.  The settings function doesn't seem to have an option to switch inputs.  It works on web but that isn't the problem as it doesn't translate to TV.


      Any solutions?

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          stanley.sling Apprentice

          Hello michaelphmurphy,


               In order to get both inputs to passthrough the Slingbox, you would need both types of outputs coming out of the Slingbox to the TV.  The Slingbox cannot take the component input signal and send it out via the HDMI output. In short, you need component cables out of the Slingbox to the TV as well.



          Hope this clears things up,



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