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    iphone ios 4  release today

    johngg Newbie

      will my iphone sling app work with ios 4 ?    cheers john

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          eferz Expert

          Depends on what you mean by "work".  I noticed in the iTunes listing that the Slingplayer Mobile for iPhone compatibility has been altered to say "Requires iOS 3.0 or later".  That should mean that it will work with iOS 4.0.  There hasn't been an update since Feb 15, 2010 for version 1.2 which enabled 3G streaming.  So, don't expect it to take advantage of the iOS 4 capabilites like multi-tasking or video out.




          I can't confirm any of it though.  Everytime I check for updates, I get a  message saying "The current version of the iPhone software (3.1.3) is  the current version.  But, its early... the folks in California are probably just getting out of their beds.  So, we just gotta wait and see.

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            Slingbox, please get slingplayer to continue to run in background for iOS4! Exercising, watching slingplayer, have to pause the actual slingbox just to get to the iphone timer to see how much longer I have. Then I have to wait for the slow startup, unpause, then endure the stutters as slingplayers sorts out the stream. It's getting really annoying!