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    Slingplayer stopped working


      Hi all,


      I am not technically savvy so I hope you guys be patient with me.


      Last night I was watching a TV show on my Slingplayer and had the show paused when I was busy. When I got back, the screen was black (suggesting audio and video dropped off which happens quite often so I wasn't worried). I refreshed the page and usually a yellow button would turn green meaning I could click on it and power up. However, this time the button stayed yellow. When I clicked on it anyway, it stated 'Network Error. RC=0'. What does this mean? I thought internet service is down in host country and so I went and check the status. Sure enough, there was an internet disruption in my area (area where Slingbox is). Feeling better, I went to bed (I am in another timezone). When I woke, I checked the status again and saw that everything has been fixed. My internet service in host country is working properly again. However, the problem with my Slingplayer still remains. Yellow button still showing. The guy from Virgin told me everything seems to be working ok. So what could be causing this problem and why so abrupt?


      Thanks guys, hoping to get this fixed as I am sure my programs are being deleted as we speak (because I have shows set to record but am unable to clear shows already on my Tivo).


      PS: Not sure if related but I am also unable to retrieve my Slingbox details. On the right side of the page (Slingbox.com), there is System status which shows 'Normal' and below that, My Slingbox Information which I need to 'click here' to access. But when I click on it, it just says 'Loading' the whole time.

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          katie.sling Apprentice

          Hi Judess,


          Thanks for using the forums. Sorry to hear you are having an issue watching your Slingbox. Are you not able to connect to the Slingbox at all or are you not able to get audio and video from your cable box? Your Slingbox is fully online and able to be viewed so you should be able to connect with no issues. If you are getting no audio and video, you may want to have your cable company reset your cable box remotely or have someone at the Slingbox location check in to it further.


          Hope this helps,



          The Sling Moderation Team